Our school motto exhorts us "to think, believe, and serve" in the name of Christ our King. Each student must complete 18 hours of service for each year they attend CTK. We arrived at the total of 18 hours by applying the scriptural exhortation that each believer tithe to God. This custom has traditionally been displayed by having a believer give 10% of their produce (crops, livestock) to the Lord. It has typically been translated to monetary donations in today's society. Our students are not in a position to offer either of these, however, they are in a position to offer themselves. Since they attend school approximately 180 days per year, a tithe of that time would be 18 days. We are asking that each Crusader offer one hour of service to God for those 18 days. 

As a general rule, approved service hours include any activity that is done for the benefit of another in need, in which the student is not paid for their work.

To complete and verify service hours, login to your x2vol account here: https://www.x2vol.com.


If you have any questions, please contact Daniel Torres at DJTorres@ctkchs.org.