To "retreat" means to move back or withdraw, usually to a secluded place. At CTK, we provide opportunities for the students to retreat together by grade-level. During the retreat, students will have time to pray, listen to engaging talks, discuss in small groups, and build community. 


Freshman: Search

The goal of this retreat is to invite students into a relationship with God by encouraging them to ask the big questions about the purpose of life and answering them with the Gospel message. 


Sophomore: Spoken 

The goal of Spoken is to invite students into a relationship with God through an encounter with His self-revelation in the Scriptures, culminating in the Incarnation. It will challenge teens to listen to the voice of God through a life of authentic prayer and active discernment. 


Junior: Fully Alive

Only God is big enough to fill you. The pursuit of happiness motivates every decision we make. Why is it, then, that we find ourselves unhappy so often? This theme explores our search for true happiness, highlighting the one thing that is big enough to fill our deepest desires - God Himself.  (NET Ministries hosts this retreat)


Senior: Go Forth

The goal of this retreat is to encourage and equip the Senior students to be missionary disciples of Christ the King. As they go off to college, our Seniors will be prepared to engage in the mission of the Church and invite those around them into a life of discipleship.