The mission of Campus Ministry at CTK is to invite the students, faculty, staff and families of CTK into a life of discipleship with Christ the King - this discipleship involves believing sincerely, thinking critically, acting responsibility, and serving others in His name. We engage in this mission through the following ways:


Sacraments and Prayer: The Eucharist is the source and summit of our Catholic faith. Campus Ministry provides opportunities to participate in the Sacraments of the Church, including Mass and Confession, along with daily prayer and spiritual devotions. 

Retreats: Students at CTK participate in retreat experiences designed for the developmental and spiritual needs of their grade.
Service: Students are required to complete 18 hours of service this year. They can serve the larger community, or initiate their own individual service projects.
Mission Trips: Every year CTK plans a mission trip, which allows students to minister to one another and to the greater community through prayer, service, and charity outreach.


Please check out the tabs above or the links (bold blue headings) for specific information on each of these areas of ministry. And do not hesitate to contact me or our chaplain, Fr. Putnam, with questions or concerns.

In Christ,

Daniel Torres                                                        

Coordinator of Campus Ministry

Fr. John Putnam