National Honor Society

National Honor Society is an organization of high school students committed to the betterment of themselves and their community through service, leadership, character, and academic excellence. Students in NHS fundraise for charitable organizations, engage in both community and school-based service, and work to promote positive attitudes and behavior in and out of the classroom.

Honor Council

The Honor Council is a peer council that investigates and advises upon infractions of the school's honor code.

Superintendent's Advisory Board

The Superintendent's Student Advisory Council is made up of a group of students from Christ the King Catholic High School, Charlotte Catholic High School and Bishop McGuinness High School.  Students apply to the Office of the Superintendent and are selected based upon their character and good standing in their respective high schools.  This body serves as an advisory to the Superintendent and meets three times per year.  Students generally serve for a two year term. The Office of the Superintendent greatly values the input from our youth and finds their insights to be refreshing.

Student Government
Social Committee

The Social Committee is a club open to all Christ the King students. In hopes of bringing the community closer together, the club organizes school functions throughout the year such as Prom, school dances, and movie nights. Students of all grades play a role in the club and help plan and make the social events run smoothly. The club is headed by a president and vice president and overseen by 2 teacher advisors. The president and vice president are elected during Student Government Elections at the end of the year. Anyone running for either position must be a current social committee member in good standing with the faculty advisors. 

Service Committee

“Believe, Think, Serve” is the fundamental phrase Christ the King was founded on and continues to live out. The CTK Service Committee is dedicated to offering assistance to those within our school community. In addition to this, we also serve those outside our community by participating in multiple organizations dedicated to helping those in need. By following in Christ’s footsteps, members of Service Committee learn what it means to truly offer assistance to those in need through various projects.

Household Committee

The Breve Glee Club is a student-led vocal ensemble dedicated to serving others by bringing music to the CTK family, as well as to the local Charlotte community. Members of the club work to produce a musical, as well as Christmas and Spring shows each year. 

Crusaders for Life
Aviation Club
Youth and Government
Super Smash Brothers Club

The Super Smash Bros Club meetings take place every Thursday after school and consist of a few rounds of Super Smash Bros with anyone who wants to play, not members exclusively. The club's purpose is to inspire friendly competition and camaraderie, and to allow students to kick back, relax, and play games after a long day of school. The fun game and laid-back environment allows students to make friends more easily, knowing they share a common interest with other members of the club. On occasion, some teachers will play a round or two, which gives them an opportunity to relate to and get to know their students better, and vice versa.

Pizza Club
Fraternity of St. Joseph

The Fraternity of Saint Joseph is a devout group of young Catholic men dedicated to imitating the virtues of Saint Joseph as they grow in the Faith while in high school.

Motto: Fortitudine Pro Deo (With Fortitude, for God.)

Sorority of Mary

The Sorority of Mary is open to all women of CTK who are interested in exploring their faith more deeply in a fun and relaxing atmosphere. The Sorority of Mary meets on the first and third Thursday of each month. Each meeting begins immediately after school in the chapel where students pray a Rosary for the intentions of the school. Following the Rosary, students meet in room 149 for fellowship, food, and discussion. 

Green Team

Here at CTK Students have the option to join the Green Team, an interactive club that makes students and teachers more aware of human effects on our environment. Green Team students meet consecutively three to four times a month, to discuss new ways to help make Christ the King a more environmentally friendly place. Our goal as the CTK Green Team is to start small and find ways to become a greener campus and community, and ultimately raise awareness of the importance of our role in nature.  

Art Club

The art club is an after school activity held once a week. Students run the club. Currently, a number of students are working together to beautify the school with wall murals, while others work independently on their own projects.

Videography Club
Engineering Club