We are excited to begin another year of in-person instruction.  Through the Safer and Stronger Together Protocols, we were able to have a succesful year in 2020-2021. We were also able to gather a significant amount of information about safety in our schools. Through this process, the Diocesan COVID Task Force was able to glean valuable objective data points from its 19 schools, in all regions of the diocese, throughout an entire academic year. This has given rise to Faithfully Forward, the 2021-2022 protocols for our schools. 

Outlined in the document below are the protocols for the 2021-2022 school year, which prioritize safety while supporting our goal of providing as normal of a learning environment as possible. As we travel throughout the year, our school, along with our counterparts, will be in contact with the Catholic Schools Office (CSO). As such, if items need to be updated, we will notify our community. 

Our School Nurse, Mrs. Miller and our Dean of Students, Mrs. Bukowski, are available should you have questions.



We are so excited to be in-person for this school year! As we continue to operate according to "Model A" of our continuum, please be assured of our commitment to provide a safe environment for your children as well as the teachers and staff of our schools. 

Some of the protocols include:

• masks for adults and students are optional

• desks will be distanced at 3.01 feet 

• those distanced just over 3 feet will not need to quarantine when traced 

• vaccines are optional 

• contact tracing when a student gets COVID

• contact tracing letters will only go to those involved and not the whole community

• vaccinated individuals will not be required to quarantine 

• quarantined students will be able to Google meet to classes

• return to pre-pandemic normal cleaning and disinfecting measures

Please note: Self-chosen long-term distance learning eill NOT be an option for the 2021-2022 academic year. 

We will continually update this page throughout the 2021-2022 school year. Please check back frequently for updates and additional information.


"This school year is a chance for each and every member of our community to be both a teacher and a student. We are all called to put on the cloak of courage and face a scary world with hope instead of fear and with love instead of hatred. Thank you one and all for choosing CTK and in doing so for choosing to be hope for the world." (excerpt from the CTK Return to Campus 2020-2021 Plan)