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Horizon Project

Horizon Project

The goal of the Horizon Project is for the participating student to better understand his or her faith, deepen the exploration of a particular academic interest, and engage in service to others. In other words, an extension of CTK's mission to challenge students to "believe sincerely, think critically, and serve others in the name of Christ the King."

The Horizon Project involves the exploration of a topic chosen by the student. In keeping with CTK's twin pillars of faith and reason, the question should be one with gravitas (seriousness). As Pope John Paul II instructed in Fides et Ratio, knowledge and discernment about knowledge lead us toward truth. The closer we come to truth, the more we know about ourselves and our world, and the greater our chance of becoming fully human. 

The Horizon Project is required for Honors Diploma candidates and optional for the rest of the student body. Work on the project begins during Junior year and includes at least 100 hours dedicated to the selected area of interest, divided among research, service, apprenticeship, written reflection, website creation, and presentation preparation. Students work with a faculty mentor and present their project to a committee that includes CTK faculty members and external community members. A major component of the project is a website created by the student with their findings. 


Class of 2024 Horizon Projects

Class of 2023 Horizon Projects