Curriculum Overview

The goal of the CTK Theology program is to instill and nurture within the students both a knowledge of, and a love for, the Revelation of Jesus Christ through His Holy Church. The program has, as its aim, to bring the students to a deeper understanding of the content of the Catholic Faith and to aid the students as they internalize the teachings of Jesus Christ. Of fundamental importance is the utilization of class discussions on the theological, moral, spiritual, and social dimensions of the life of a believer in our age and culture.

Students will go deeper in their faith through a practical study of the Church’s teachings, technology-based exploration of the richness of Christian culture, discussions, lectures, and other teaching techniques. Through a careful study and discussion of Sacred Tradition, Sacred Scripture, the Magisterium, and the beauty of the Church’s history, the students will come to a more comprehensive understanding of the truth, beauty, and reliability of the Revelation of Jesus Christ and His Holy Church.

The study of the Catholic Faith will take place, for the students of our generation, in the context of a culture characterized by doubt, disbelief, indifference, and even hostility toward the Christian faith and moral values. Being a school founded on the twin pillars of faith and reason, the Faith will be presented at CTK as something both reasonable and challenging, beautiful and demanding. As students are led into a deeper understanding of the Faith, they will be guided how to wrestle with the demands it makes of them and how to develop the skills to respond to the saving Truth.

The progression of the courses in Theology is determined by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops who set out a general curriculum for Catholic high schools. Electives will be determined by both the suggestions of the USCCB Curriculum and those offered by Christ the King faculty.

Theology Faculty

Father John Putnam - Department Chair

Justice Blankenbaker - Curriculum Coordinator 

Michael Griffith 

Joseph Perna 

Emily Rybak 

Daniel Torres - Coordinator of Campus Ministry 

Courses Offered

Theology 9 A: The Revelation of Jesus Christ in Scripture
Theology 9 B: Who is Jesus Christ?
Theology 10 A: The Mission of Jesus Christ (The Paschal Mystery)
Theology 10 B: Jesus Christ’s Mission Continues in the Church
Theology 11 A: Sacraments as Privileged Encounters with Jesus Christ
Theology 11 B: Life in Jesus Christ
Our Life in the Church
Our Call to Evangelize
Prayer and the Spiritual Life