Curriculum Overview

The Social Studies Department at CTK will play a vital role in the intellectual, moral, and social development of the school’s students. Inspired by Pope St. John Paul II’s encyclical Fides et Ratio, all of the social science courses will strive to illuminate the human condition. In each course, students will consider fundamental, perennial questions that stem from social science investigations. What does it mean to be a human? From where have humans come? To where are humans going? What is the meaning of the Incarnation in human history? What is a just law? What is a humane economy? How ought governments operate? What is the purpose of society? What is the relationship between individual and social development? Through these and other inquires, teachers will aim to impart a Catholic worldview and develop an authentically Catholic anthropology within the hearts and minds of Crusaders. The social science courses will also be designed to equip students with the academic tools that are readily acquired through study of the social sciences—critical thinking, analytical reading, intensive research with primary and secondary sources, persuasive and elegant writing, and public speaking.

Social Studies Faculty

Dr. Steven Delvaux - Department Chair 

Avery Gray

Emily Griffith

Nicholas Haywood

Connor Malloy

Dr. Michael Reimels 

Dr. Clark Ross 

John Welsh 

Classes Offered

Foundations of Civilizations 9
World History 10
World History (Honors)
World History (AP)
U.S. History 11
U.S. History (Honors)
U.S. History (AP)
U.S. Government 12
U.S. Government (Honors)
U.S. Government & Politics (AP)
Introduction to Philosophy 12
Psychology (AP)
Macroeconomics (AP)
Introduction to Economics
Latino/Latina Studies
Introduction to Sociology
Life Skills