Curriculum Overview

Our science curriculum is designed to foster scientific literacy in a genuinely Catholic setting. Students will ascertain knowledge and skills to ask good questions, to design and conduct investigations, to interpret data, to build and evaluate arguments, to propose models, and to competently critique their own scientific work and the work of others. In order to execute this vision, we use a curriculum that starts with freshman physics, the most approachable of sciences. We build on this with chemistry and then biology, each vertically aligned with the other science courses and laterally integrated in a rich way with all other courses taught at our school. This sequence gives each student a portfolio of at least three solid lab sciences. We then provide our students with the opportunity to continue their science experience via a selection of upper-grade science electives and AP courses.

Science Faculty

James Chambers

Andrea Cordero

Janine Yordy

Classes Offered

Freshman Physics 9
Chemistry 10
Chemistry (Honors)
Biology 11
Biology (Honors)
Biology (AP)
Environmental Science (AP)
Physics (Honors)
Horticulture I
Horticulture II