Curriculum Overview

The goal of the CTK math program is to give students the mathematical skills, quantitative information, problem-solving techniques, and analytical skills necessary to function in today’s society. Through student-centered discussions, technology-based explorations, discovery exercises, lectures, and other teaching techniques, we encourage students to investigate and analyze a variety of mathematical problems. From exposing our students to age-old traditional problem sets to less traditional new-age real world application problems, we strive to impart in our students an ability to competently solve problems in a manner that demonstrates a well-organized effort on the task at hand.

We seek to place students in math sections relevant to their skill level, and in which they will be challenged to think quantitatively, work efficiently, and contribute actively in class discussions. The department will determine the appropriate placement of students in math courses.

Math Faculty

Doug Cashman -

Ted Hanes -

Maureen Milligan - Department Chair -

Catherine Stemper -

Classes Offered

Algebra I
Geometry (Honors)
Algebra II
Algebra II (Honors)
Pre-Calculus (Honors)
Statistics (AP)
Advanced Functions & Modeling
Calculus (Honors)
Calculus AB (AP)