Curriculum Overview

The role of the Fine Arts Department of Christ the King Catholic High School is to
challenge students to be the following:

  • accomplished artists. Students will learn to expand on individual creativity through hands-on projects, incorporating the principles and elements of design or drama, demonstrating initiative and self-direction.
  • critical thinkers. Students will use problem solving skills to promote innovation in the fine arts, learning to communicate effectively through in-class critique sessions and small group collaboration. Flexibility and adaptability are highly regarded in the fine arts classroom.
  • empathetic, Catholic beings. Students will analyze and cultivate a respect for differences through the study of cross-cultural and historical genres of works of art.
  • interactive scholars of the world. Students will establish and understand the interconnectedness among each discipline in the context of our faith, especially through the introduction and analysis of Catholic works of art.

Fine Arts Faculty

Christopher Jones

Gregory Stump

Jennifer Whitlock

Courses Offered

Art I
Art II
Creative Writing
Digital Design I
Digital Design II
Digital Design III
Digital Design IV
Fine Arts
Glassworks I
Glassworks II
Glassworks III
Glassworks IV
Guitar I
Guitar II
Industrial Design I
Industrial Design II
Voice I
Voice II