Curriculum Overview

The role of the English Department of Christ the King Catholic High School is to challenge students to be:

  • Accomplished writers. Students will formulate arguments; weigh, select, and correctly cite evidence; reason logically and effectively; express personal views; use language imaginatively; and present their collected works in clear, grammatically correct prose.
  • Critical readers. Students will cultivate a respect for reading a rich diversity of genres, becoming intellectually and emotionally engaged, and comprehending and appreciating an author’s diction, syntax, tone, style, ideas, and methods in the historical context of the work.
  • Empathetic, Catholic beings. Students will analyze and respond, both orally and in writing, to the universal connections made between works of literary merit and cultural history, as well as their own lives and the lives of others, as we all participate in the process of nurturing our faith.
  • Interactive scholars of the world. Students will establish and understand the interconnectedness among each discipline in the context of our faith.

English Faculty

Joseph Katt - Department Chair 

Barbara Samanta 

Alison Seay

Classes Offered

Composition & Literature 9
Composition & Literature (Honors)
World Literature 10
World Literature (Honors)
USA Literature 11
USA Literature (Honors)
English Literature (AP)
Shakespeare Seminar 12
Shakespeare Seminar (Honors)
British Literature 12
British Literature (Honors)
English Language & Composition (AP)
Modern Literature & Film
Creative Writing
Public Speaking