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Profile of a Christ the King Graduate

The Mission of Christ the King Catholic High School is to believe sincerely, think critically, act responsibly, and serve others in the name of Christ the King.  Therefore, graduates of Christ the King Catholic High School will be men and women of integrity who:

Believe Sincerely

  • Understands the teachings of the Gospel and desires to live them out

  • Understands the nature and significance of the Mass, the Sacraments, and prayer

  • Desires to actively participate in the life of the Church

  • Speaks with God through daily, personal prayer

  • Evaluates moral choices within the context of the Church’s teachings

  • Upholds and encourages others to act according to the objective rational moral teaching of the Catholic Church

Think Critically

  • Is reflective and possesses self-knowledge

  • Thinks critically and solves problems creatively  

  • Understands and values the need for both faith and reason 

  • Recognizes and uses technology as a powerful tool to grow in faith, love, understanding, and knowledge.

  • Takes responsibility for their own learning

  • Works to be an informed citizen and contributes to the good of society

Act Responsibly 

  • Understands how one’s actions affect others locally and globally

  • Treats others with respect and dignity, recognizing all people to be children of God

  • Acts courageously in the face of injustice

  • Is able to discern the appropriate path of action or inaction 

  • Does the right thing, even when no one is watching

  • Works collaboratively with others

Serve Others in the Name of Christ the King

  • Respects and cares for God’s creation

  • Understands, promotes, and practices Catholic social justice

  • Practices stewardship of their gifts of time, talent, and treasure

  • Actively seeks to use their gifts to meet the needs of others

  • Understands the importance of respect for self, others, and property

  • Sets positive examples for others through words and actions


A graduate standing in front of the school building