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President's Message

The word education has its origins in the words “to bring out of one’s self for the purpose of the development of the whole person.”  Christ the King Catholic High School takes this mission seriously.  It is our life’s work to partner with parents, as the first teachers of the faith, to build up a person in every aspect of their life.  A successful high school educational program will address the intellectual, spiritual and physical needs of the student. 

Our approach to education springs from our seminal educational document Fides et Ratio (Faith and Reason) penned by Pope St. John Paul II.  By utilizing an inquiry based educational model, resting on the Western philosophical foundation of objective truth, we teach students to use reason to discover truth.  A truth that is revealed to the human person from the outside, through their five senses and the revelation of faith. 

It is not our aim to indoctrinate students into a particular sociological, moral or political construct.  Nor is our aim to allow students to remain in the false notion that they can invent truth; and therefore each students’ opinion is equally correct. In a world that has seen a multitude of educational systems fall by the way side of subjectivism, we find that our 2,500 year old model works well to fulfill our mission to educate.

Carl Semmler, Ed. D.


Happy Thanksgiving from the NC Catholic Schools Office

This Thanksgiving, we extend our heartfelt thanks to the incredible educators, dedicated staff, administrators, and the entire family of NC Catholic Schools. Together, we celebrate unprecedented growth, vibrant communities, and unwavering commitment to education and faith. Your dedication shines bright, and we are truly blessed. Wishing you all a joyous and blessed Thanksgiving! 🦃🍁 #NCatholicSchools #GratitudeInEducation #ThanksgivingBlessings #FaithfulLearning

MACS Board transition to MACS Cabinet

Please read the attached letter from Superintendent Dr. Gregory Monroe regarding the transition to the MACS Cabinet. 

Letter regarding MACS Cabinet

First page of the PDF file: MACSAdvisoryBoardTransitiontoMACSCabinet11-8-23