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The cast of Seussical.

From the whimsical world of Dr. Seuss to the colorful set design and captivating performances of our talented students, the show is truly a magical experience for all who attend.  The stage comes alive with vibrant colors, infectious energy, and heartwarming moments. Through song and dance, the cast and crew transport audiences to the fantastical world of Seuss, where anything is possible

The play also delivers a powerful message about the sanctity of life and the importance of cherishing every individual, no matter how small. Inspired by the beloved characters and timeless wisdom of Dr. Seuss, the musical celebrates the beauty and value of every person, from the tiniest Who to the mightiest Horton. 

In a world where the dignity of human life is often challenged and debated, Seussical the Musical serves as a poignant reminder of the inherent worth and dignity of every human being. The show reminds us to embrace our differences, stand up for what is right, and protect the most vulnerable among us. 

We are incredibly proud of our cast and crew for their hard work, dedication, and passion for bringing the musical to life on our stage. If you haven't had a chance to see it, don't miss out on this unique opportunity to experience the wonder and talents of our CTK students. Special thanks to the cast and crew, to Mrs. Varricchio for her direction, and to Mr. Hanes for his incredible work on the set and sound.

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Mayzie and her Bird Girls tease Horton
Jojo hugs her mom and dad, Mrs Mayor and the Mayor of Whoville
Cat in the Hat and Jojo smile holding a fish
Cat in the Hat fixes her hat
One of the Wickersham brothers sings.
Maysie smiles at the camera
The Bird Girls admire Gertrude's new tail feathers
Jojo sings
The Bird Girls dance.
Circus performers stand behind the bars of the circus car cages.
Thing One dances
The Wickersham Brothers
A Who dances onstage.
Cat in the Hat speaks with a microphone
Thing Two sports cool sunglasses
Cat in the Hat sings.
Circus performers on stilts.
Yertle the Turtle talks to Horton
The cast sings with Horton and Gertrude's young hatchling
Horton sits on Mayzie's nest
Gertrude shows off her tail feathers
Circus act performer on skateboard
young cadets with General Genghis Khan
Circus performer swallows fire
Thing One and Thing Two take bows
Whoville citizens sing on stage
Thing One looks surprised
Jojo smiles
The Whos sing and dance on stage
The Mayor of Whoville, Mrs. Mayor and Jojo
Horton sings about the Whos
Mayzie La Bird sings
One of the Wickerham Brothers sings
Mayzie La Bird smiles
Gertrude sings Notice Me Horton
A Who sings a song
Blue Bird Girl sings a song.
Purple Bird Girl dances on stage
Set designer Mr. Hanes talks with crew members about the set.
Paul monitors the sound board.
Horton tries to protect the Whos.
The Wickersham Brothers take center stage.
Set design for Seussical.
Purple Bird Girl sings a song.
Crew members works on the set.
Bird Girls are covered with bubbles.
Close up of the Grinch.
Green Bird Girl sings a song.
Cat in the Hat plays piano with Thing One and Thing Two
The Mayor and Mrs Mayor read a book about parenting.
General Genghis Kahn Schmitz sings a ballad.
The cast takes a bow.
The sound and light crew with directors.
The cast performs the final number on stage
Cat in the Hat with Jojo
Circus McGurkus comes to life on stage
Cat in the Hat with Jojo
One of the Wickersham Brothers sings a song.
Sour Kangeroo sings a song.
A resident of Whoville dances to a song.
The Mayor and Mrs. Mayor of Whoville
The Grinch.
The cast of Seussical.
A female resident of Whoville.
Paul monitors the sound.