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pumpkin winners

Congratulations to the winners of the 2023 annual advisory pumpkin decorating contest.

Accuracy - Mrs. Canache (winner) and Mrs. Cordero (runner up)

Creativity - Mrs. Stemper (winner) and Ms. Seay (runner up)

Execution - Mr. Perna (winner) and Mr. D'Allura (runner up)

Can you spot your favorite advisor among these creative jack-o-lanterns? 


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  • student life
Milligan pumpkin
Dulin pumpkin
Griffith pumpkin
Bradt pumpkin
Halverson pumpkin
Delvaux pumpkin
Tolcher pumpkin
Cordero pumpkin
Cashman pumpkin
Katt pumpkin
Stump pumpkin
Rybak pumpkin
Varricchio pumpkin
Firr pumpkin
Perna pumpkin with twin babies
Seay pumpkin
D'Allura pumpkin
Blakenbaker pumpkin
Habel pumpkin
Armstrong pumpkin
Haywood pumpkin
Malloy pumpkin
Canache pumpkin
Samanta pumpkin
Welsh pumpkin
Yordy pumpkin
Gray pumpkin
Stemper pumpkin
Hanes pumpkin
pumpkin winners