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The team poses for a picture.

The Crusaders swept co-conference leader Mountain Island Charter School in a 3-0 victory on Wednesday night at Mountain Island to earn the Catawba Shores Athletic Conference Champion title. Teamwork and cooperation, which have been hallmarks of their season, were ultimately what guided the girls to their victory in three sets. The Raptors were tough opponents, coming from behind in all three games to get the win. Tournament MVP was awarded to Senior Grace Tuschong. On to States! 

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The team rejoices a winning set.
The team celebrates a winning point.
Champions pose for a team photo
Taylor sets the volleyball
Olivia swings for a spike at the net
Two players go up for a block
The team poses for a picture.
A players spikes the ball
Grace hits a spike from the back row
Grace is named tournament MVP holds her award
The team poses for a selfie
Post game champs team selfie