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Indoor Track Meet Results for the Donna Davis Invitational

Donna Davis Invitational

Overall: Girls 5th of 12, Boys 7th of 12

State Qualifiers (2):

Shea 1600

Girls 4x200 Simone, Madeline, Kate, Paityn


School records (8):

Kate 55h

Shea 1600m

Simone 55m

Girls 4x200 Simone, Madeline, Kate, Paityn

Olu shot put

Juan Triple jump

Peter 500m

Boys 4x200 Matthew D., Brady, Peter, Amani


Personal Records (20):

55h Kate

55h Paityn

55 Simone

500 Tess

500 Maddie

500 Kelsey

500 Isabella S

1600 Brandi

1000 Gabbie

1000 Claire O.

300 Madeline

55 Jake

55 Matthew P

Shot put Ben

Shot put Semaj

Shot Put Olu

500 Peter

1000 Truman

300, LJ Brady

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